Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pictures Say A Thousand Words.

5/11/2009 - Any other moms out there? Today, as I searched for pictures to add to my website, I made a discovery. I have numerous pictures of my children, our families and the places we visit. Nothing of me. I had to run to my sister's for a quick set of pictures. Why is that moms? Share your thoughts with me on twitter.
I could come up with a number of reasons this might happen to us mothers. We don't like the way we look in pictures, we're too busy taking the pictures, no one takes pics of us with our children ... the list goes on. But, honestly, think about it. That is a sad thing. When I'm gone from this world, I want my children to have pictures of me with them and their father. I want them to remember my hands. That may sound silly but, again think about it. I want them to remember the hands that wiped their tears, touched their faces, made them snacks and folded in prayer. I want them to remember the eyes that looked on them and their father with love and adoration.
So, I guess this is me saying to you ... hand over the camera! Let someone else take the pictures!

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