Sunday, May 31, 2009

God Given Gifts

Do you have a certain talent or gift? Something that comes easily for you, easier than it does for others? Each of us is given a certain "special something." That something sets us apart from everyone else. I've been thinking alot about God given gifts. Those talents that God places within us before we even take our first breath.

A few days ago, I read the story of Daniel and the writing on the wall. I was especially struck by Daniel 5:17 "Then Daniel answered, and said before the king, "Let your gifts be for yourself, and give your rewards to another; yet I will read the writing to the king, and make known to him the interpretation",

I'm sure there are many ways to view this particular scripture. Many pastors and evangelists have preached on Daniel and his ability to read the writing on the wall. I agree with their views and love that Daniel used his gift for the purposes God intended.

For me, this passage tells us even more than Daniel was using his gifts for God's perfect plan. It also tells me that he did not want to be rewarded for doing so. Daniel told the king to keep his rewards. He didn't want them or need them in order to do what God had called him to do. Daniel was blessed to be a vessel. Fulfilling God's calling was his desire.

Reading this scripture reminded me of a recent conversation. A friend and I were talking over my desire to write. I'd been struggling with ... should I write, did God intend for me to use this gift, was I following a selfish desire? She presented me with a question. If I could never make a living writing, would I still write? I won't lie to you, there's no point in trying. In more ways than one, I am an open book. If I could have my choice, I'd want to write stories that change lives and make a living while doing it. But, if there were no guarantees ...

After thinking it over, I felt certain I would still write. I love "spinning a tale." And, I love even more the thought that someone might read one of my stories and find God somewhere between the lines. If only one person read my stories and found a reason to live for God, it would be worth every page of writing.

So, I ask you ... what are you doing with your gifts/talents? Are you using them as God intended? Maybe you're the woman that sits with a friend suffering from cancer. You hold her hand and pray for her as no one else does. Are you the farmer that plows and plants your friends field because he suffered from a heart attack and can't do it himself? Are you a prayer warrior, teacher, preacher, doctor?

Whatever your gift, use it for God. Our rewards are stored up in Heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy (Matthew 6:19).

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