Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Game Called Life

"Hey batter, batter!"

"Swing, batter, batter ... swing!"

Ever heard this before? I think all of us have either witnessed a baseball game in person or on the television. The chants are meant to distract the player that is batting.

Last night, as I watched one of my boys play Little League, I found myself loving the team aspect of the game. All of the positions have to work together for the best outcome ... a win.
In baseball, there are players in the outfield and infield. In Little League, the more experienced players are given positions infield. The newbies are placed outfield.

One of the girls on my boy's team hit a home run. You know what I noticed? She ran those bases without ever looking at the other players or slowing down to see where the ball had gone. She kept her eyes on the coach and followed his instructions. The entire time, our opposing team yelled at her trying to make a distraction. Didn't work, she ran fast all the way to home plate. Then, raised her victory fists high about her head. The team and everyone in the bleachers cheered in an extremely loud fashion.

When my son went up to bat, he swung and missed several times. My heart sank because I knew how much he wanted to hit the ball and run those bases. One of his coaches came up and helped him position his hands on the bat and showed him where to plant his feet. Still, no hit. As he walked off the field, the fans clapped and the team cheered. The coach clapped and yelled "good try."

After the game (we lost), the coach took the entire team up to the concessions for a drink and piece of candy. He told them it was because they showed up to play ball.

I found myself thinking of my walk with God. As Christians, we are a team of players following one Coach. Sometimes, we are infield, making the plays, catching the ball and in general being a big part of the action. Other times, we play outfield. Sure, we may see a little action. That all depends on how far our opposition hits the ball. But, for the most part, we watch as our teammates shine in the spotlight. When we're up to bat, there are times when the "enemy" yells to distract us. And, yet times when the ball is thrown just right and we hit a home run.

I can imagine our Father cheering us on as we take all the pointers he's given us and we hit the ball out of the park! I can also see Him patting us on the back and saying "good try" when we strike out. And, I believe there are times when He is just pleased because we showed up and gave it our best.

My question is, where are you at in this game called life? How do you fit into the team? If you're in the outfield, are you cheering for your team? Maybe you're infield and God is teaching you to keep your eyes on Him.

Maybe today you got a curve ball, you lost your job. Or, perhaps your marriage is struggling and you feel like you're about to strike out. You might be balancing your checkbook and have no idea where the money will come from to pay the bills.

No matter where you're at, keep your eyes on the Coach. He'll get you to home plate!

Psalms 25:15 "My eyes are ever toward the Lord."

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