Saturday, May 16, 2009


Do you have a special treat that takes you back to your childhood? Something that as soon as you smell it or taste it, you're 5 years old again? Mine is carmello bars and chips. Anyone else remember those huge carmello bars they used to sell at Christmas time? I always felt like the little boy in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You know, the scene where he peels back the foil wrapper. He was looking for a golden ticket but I was always looking for the chocolate bar. I love the chocolate and salty chips. When I was a little girl, my Dad would have this snack. I remember crawling up on my Dad's lap and sharing his chocolate and chips. It always "hit the spot." That and a big glass of Pepsi. Maybe it was the time with my Dad that made it taste even better. Every Christmas, there was a king size carmello bar stuck in the top of my sister's stocking and mine.

I was thinking about that today. I had a hard day at work. I am employed at a credit union where I spend my days investigating and dealing with fraud cases. I enjoy this work but some days are more difficult than others. I tend to let my work come home with me more than I should. Today was one of those times. When I got home, I was hunting for something to eat and taking my frustrations out on my cabinet doors. Upon raiding the cabinets, I found a carmello bar. I hid it so well that even I had forgotten it was there. (in my house anything found is open season, I have boys, enough said.)

I tore into the chocolate bar and grabbed a bag of chips. My husband and I sat next to each other on the couch. We shared my favorite childhood snack and the details of my "bad day."

Then, I started thinking where that chocolate bar came from. My mom. It was tucked into a gift bag she gave me for Mother's Day. I realized, she's probably the one that made sure my Dad's favorite snack was in good supply during my childhood. Which took me to another thought... what am I doing for my husband and children that will stay with them? What things have I done that will show them my love?

I hope that when my boys are grown, they have those special memories. Things that I've done or said that are specific to me as their Mom. Love is in the little things. Like carmello bars, chips and Pepsi. But, more than that ... love is sharing a snack with your Dad or finding that same snack in a gift bag 20 years later and knowing why it's there. It's there because your Mom knows how much it means to you.

Tell me about a favorite snack from your childhood and why it's special for you.


  1. Dear Aine, I can relate with your story so much, when I was a little girl daddy use to take me down to the local market and he would always have a nickle that he would use to get a pepsi in those big bottles. I know im showing my age but at 53 I know that we did not have the extra back then but Daddy never let that show. It times like that is what I have stored in my heart. Thanks for reminding me of the great times with my Father.

  2. It wasn't just a snack, it was a day - Sunday.

    Cereal before church, a big brunch when we got home, and, the greatest dinner a kid could ever ask for, POPCORN! Real popcorn, popped in a pan with oil. We ate it every Sunday for dinner while we watched the Disney movie of the week.

    To this day my favorite way to veg is with popcorn and a movie. I can relax me in no time.

  3. I loved reading about your memories. Thank you so much for sharing them with me. Special times!